I currently have a Jandy 2.0 PlusHP single speed pump. Motor is still good, run it year round in Houston and starting it’s 8th season. Maybe a year or two of life left in it?...

The threads on the Backplate that receive the diffuser mounting screws are gone causing impeller/diffuser alignment issues resulting in the motor not able to run.  Looking to upgrade to the V green 270 (with a new backplate Kit 5020-140,  diffuser &impeller 5020-142 that I would buy anyway to fix my current setup).  That would leave me with pretty much just the Pump Body (R0448700) and the Motor Mounting Foot(R0445700) as the only original parts. 

Any issue with the expected life span of those remaining original parts?

Is the current Motor Mounting foot still compatible with the V Green 270 motor diameter?

~$1000 to upgrade including the Automation adapter minus the $175 in repair parts- I think I break even with $875 electric costs in 24 months. Plausible?

~20,000 gal, FusionSoft 1400 SWCG, 60 DE filter