Leaking Super Pump after new Filter

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ypeguero posted this 09 July 2018

Hello Everyone, 

New to the forum and looking for some help. I have a Hayward Super Pump 2 HP Single Speed (SP2615X20) which recently started leaking from the bottom. I previously had a Hayward DE Filter (I think Hayward Micro Clear D.E. / DE2400) which had issue with the clamp and since most of the parts are discontinued I chose to buy a DE7220.

For a week I ran the SP2615X20 on recirculate with no issues while I waited on the new tank. Once I plugged in the DE7220 the pump starts to leak from the bottom. I read here that most of the time it is a shaft seal issue, so I bought a GOKIT and replaced the Housing O-ring/Gasket, Diffuser O-ring/Gasket and the Pump Seal/Shaft Seal on the pump. Once I reconnected the pump it is leaking again. 

I plan on taking the pump to a pump company tomorrow to have them check the pump for other issues, but I was wondering if anyone in the forum here has any other issues I should be looking at?

- Was I suppose to do anything to the filter after installation? I verified that the filter accepts and returns water correctly and it filled all the way until it released all air?

- Is the pump too strong the filter? My pool is 20x40 with approx. ~42K Gallons of water, a SP2615X20 with 2" inlet/outlet, multiport valve. I was suppose to get a DE4820/DE6020 so I decided to go big and get a DE7220.


Any help is appreciated, just wondering if I missed a step when installing the new filter or its just unfortunate timing.


- Ypeguero

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InyoRob posted this 10 July 2018

Hello Ypeguero - Nothing in your filter would cause the pump to leak. You would not have to do anything to the filter after installation that would impact the pump. Your pump is not too strong for a Hayward DE7220.

The leak could come from the shaft seal if it was installed incorrectly. The leak could also come from a crack in the seal plate. Hopefully, the pump company will identify your problem. Keep us posted.

ypeguero posted this 16 July 2018

pump company stated i installed the new shaft seal incorrectly and they put in a new one which resolved the issue. I thought i had installed it the same way but it was so old i had to remove it in pieces. 


I was also able to resolve an issue my new booster pump by converting the wiring from 230 to 115. All thats left is sealing some of the PVC joints which are letting air get in but everything else is running smoothly so far.

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InyoRob posted this 17 July 2018

We appreciate the update. I'm glad it was the shaft seal and not something more complicated. Let us know if you need anything else.