Lars Jandy Gas heater unit gets too hot.

  • Last Post 09 August 2019
ThomasM3 posted this 09 August 2019

Natural gas pool heater, Lars Jandy pilot ignition, 250,000 btu about 3 years old. Heater works great. However the unit itself seems to be getting too hot. There are no obstructions to the lower or upper air flow. Unit has been in the same location 3 years and now seems to get to hot as the housing is hot to the touch. This was not the case last season. Unit is outside and has great ventilation. Same location as always.

Flame in burner area is now yellow, not blus as would be expected? Can this be adjusted through the burners or the valve? Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you tom,



ThomasM3 posted this 09 August 2019

Sorry flame is not blue as would be expected as was previously the case?