Just installed above ground pool

  • Last Post 13 June 2018
Crystal12 posted this 13 June 2018

I just hooked my sand filter up yesturday and woke up this morning and seen like little pile of sand in my pool is this normal? Also does the sand fiter flush the leaves out? Im having problems getting them out also? 

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Crystal12 posted this 13 June 2018

Also after adding my cleaning chemicals my pool is cloudy this morning after letting it run all night with the sand filter on filter? Am i doing something wrong 

InyoRob posted this 13 June 2018

Hello Crystal - Thank you for contacting Inyo. It is not uncommon to get a little sand in the pool initially with a new sand filter. That should stop. The skimmer basket and pump strainer should catch most of the leaves before they get to the filter. There is something wrong if leaves are bypassing the filter and returning to the pool.

If the water does not clear up after a day or so of running the pool, try adding some water clarifier.