I have installed a jandy Aqualink Z4 and Aquapure boxes I bought from you on a new small pool about 7500 gal.

Chlorine cell is the 14000 gal (bought it bigger than needed).

I added about 120kg of salt to the pool as the table show up for the volume, salt is 98% pure, same I use for the water softener filters of the house and checked 3 times to make sure it was the proper salt for this (Purikor).

The water I use to fill the pool comes from a water softener filters for the house.

Aquapure is connected to the pump 120V relay so it starts only when pump start. It is wired for 120V as the manual.

When equipment starts, Aquapure display is in 100% chlorination percentage, flow led is on, sometimes the reverse cell show up, but I never saw the chlorination production led, never. After a few minutes the amber "service" light turns on and the Aqualink display "SWC fault", sometimes also says "check salt" in a second line but salt is enough, isn't it ?. I also checked salinity with a electronic probe and is actually 7gr/lt so I replaced some water for fresh to have 6 gr/lt.

Checking the pool with samples liquids I see very low Chlorine so it is not really releasing chlorine I guess,  therefore I add chlorrine powder manyallu until I get the chlorinator working properly.

I checked the manuals but can't find "SWC fault" tipoc, "service" say clean the cell but is new, and the only references for errors are numeric, nothing about "SWC fault".

Can you help ?