Jandy HP Model PHPM1.0

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FrankS41 posted this 28 April 2022



I have a Jandy HP Model# PHPM1.0 Serial # N08FC3420 that I need a new motor.  The current motor only lasted 5 months before it started making a high pitch noise and now just hums.  I replaced the start capacitor and it started once, then went back to a hum.  I may need to replace the bearings, but I rather replace the motor and any and all seals (I think not doing so last time corroded the seals as I kept seeing water around the motor) and maybe I can rebuild the current motor if I feel eager to try.  The original motor had the start capacitor on the outside, but the last two motors have it inside at the back of the motor.  Not sure if it means anything where it is located.  I have a 3/4 HP motor now and a 11,000 gallon pool.  Not sure if a 1.0 hp makes a difference, but I am fairly sure it has always been 3/4 hp.


Can you help me identify a replacement motor and all the seals needed to make this system run new again?




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InyoRich posted this 28 April 2022

Hi Frank, the proper replacement motor for a PHPM1.0 is this Century 1.0 HP Square Flange 56Y Up Rate Motor - B2853. We recommend installing a new Pump Shaft Seal 3/4" - R0445500 and a new Backplate O-Ring to help ensure a leak-free installation.  (There are no Tune-Up Kits available for this pump since the motor shaft seal changed over the years).  

FrankS41 posted this 28 April 2022

 Thank you!  I appreciate the quick response.