Is the Hayward s200 filter suitable for large tank filtration?

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PerryWong posted this 01 July 2021

Currently I want to use Hayward s200 to install a water tank of about 100 cubic meters, is it suitable? Can anyone help me out?  

Thanks for care

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Service posted this 06 July 2021

Hi PerryWong,

What is the use of the water tank is it for drinking water?

Thank You


im2033thomas posted this 3 days ago

Oversizing a swimming pools filter is unlikely to cause problems but having a huge pump and a small filter can result in accelerated wear and tear. A larger filter with a smaller pump reduces the work the pump must do to keep the swimming pool's water clean. Thank You!!

Andrew125 posted this 2 days ago

I assure that it is suitable, cause I am also Haywards 200 filter for my tank. I hope it will clear your doubts. Thanks.