I want to upgrade the connection for my pool pump from 115v to 230v so I can install a new VSP pump that runs only on 230v. 

There are also some other upgrades to some landscape lighting wiring, GFCI for the pool lights, and relocating some outdoor toggle switches that control the pump and booster.


Currently, all of the breakers for my pool equipment and outdoor lighting are on the main breaker panel in my basement. I'm thinking it would be great to centralize all of these in one 60amp sub panel.


Do you think now would be a good time for an electrical panel upgrade and install a new sub panel on the brick wall of my house right next to where all of my pool equipment lives?


For those of you that do have a sub panel dedicated to pool equipment and outdoor lighting, is there a great convenience in that setup? Let's ignore cost for the moment and only comment on convenience.


Will a sub panel located on an exterior wall of the house survive the elements of our Central Ohio weather? This would apply mostly to the heavy rains we get in the spring.


Thanks in advance for your advice.