Hydrodynamic Cavitation

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TimmyT posted this 10 May 2020

In the October/November 2019 Splash Magazine on page 44, there is a discussion of using a cleaning device that uses hydrodynamic cavitation to disinfect pool water by distroying the cell membrains of various microorganisims. What do you know about these devices? It is my understanding that there is a product called Pool Tiger which is supose to uses this concept to help maintain pools. Please advise, thanks, Tim

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pigneguy posted this 23 November 2020

6 months later and i can confidently assert this doesnt work ! We had constant black and green algae. We had to revert back to chemicals to clear this up. Money was refunded by seller. 

pigneguy posted this 31 May 2020

i just purchased one. Not from Pool Tiger, which i think is the Aussie version but from a company in Montana, USA. I've had it installed for 4 days so far. Today chlorine is probably 0.2ppm. PH and alkaline levls have remained the same, water is sparkling. I'm on here researching if anyone else is using this and their experience with it. So far; nada.