Well this is what I have learned so far. It seems we have a heat pump on our pool that is broken which is an AquaCal brand.  We were told by the repair man they sent out that they are obsolete.  No one works on them, no one Services them. We were charged $125 just  for this "information".  Yet he knew this before he came out. He said it can't be fixed and nobody fixes them. So what did he come out for?  Since it never worked when we bought our house and our pool inspector did not tell us the truth about that either, yet more money paid out for an inspection  that was not even inspected. Whow pools, dishonesty and Florida. Does this ever end?   We have horror stories already in just the five months we have had our pool.

We are now looking at a pool heater not a heat pump. Can people who have a heat pump tell us what the warmest temperature is you can get from the heat pump? Our wiring for the electrical is all set up for this heat pump,  it is on a separate circuit breakers 220 I believe. However if it does not heat the water to the 90's, it is no good for us.

From what I can learn about the pool heaters they only are gas and use only natural gas or propane.  They don't make electrical in-ground pool heaters. Is this correct? Or does someone know know more about this? Would appreciate any experience with people who heat their pools and actually swim in them all year round.  What is everyone out there doing?

Please reply with your knowledge about this

 Thank you,  Antoinette