How do you disinfect water for swimming pool?

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Jessesun posted this 24 August 2021


I am Jesse. As a Industrial ozone generator factory from China, I want to see how you disinfect water for your pool? 

1, UV, 2 ozone, 3, ClO2 4, CL2 5, mixed. If in the process of disinfection, do you have question, please list here to see if we can improve our disinfection solution, technology or products, especially question concerning ozone disinfection, like CO3, power consumption, PLC, etc? 



Jessesun posted this 28 August 2021

1, How to figure out what O3 production of ozone machine is need for disinfection system? as we know

decay rate of hour ozone in water 61%

mixing efficiency of ozone in water around 50% (verturi jet, 0.8 mpa)

working efficiency of ozone machine around 75%

Now, suppose that our water flow is 100m3, and (ozone disinfection concentration) CO3 is 2 PPM (2g/m3), now according to the following formula to figure out production of ozone machine we need


Production of ozone machine =100m3 x 2g/m3 / (1-61%) x 50% x 75%=1367.52g

So, we know that for the ozone disinfection system, you need to 1.5kgs/hr ozone generator.