High Chlorine Low pH Pool STILL Green

  • Last Post 06 November 2018
FirstBorn posted this 05 November 2018


Pool is driving Me CRAZY!!! 

Backwashed pool when vaccuuming it last week, 

Ran Filter Pump at least 12 hours a day for the past week, 

CONTINUALLY Clean Pool Filter Cartridge (every 2 to 6 hours!) 

Chlorine level is ABOVE a 6 

pH is below 7.2... 
(According to Pool Testing Place) 

CANNOT GET RID of the green in pool! 
You can see the layer on the bottom of pool 
(even though it's a thin layer, it's STILL THERE!) 

Filling it w/ Concrete sounds like the PERFECT Solution right now! 

I have about a 15k Gallon, Rectangular (Maracite?) Pool, and 
Hayward Pool Filter (Cartridge) ... 

EVERY Time I've added pH increaser, the pool turned DARK GREEN! 
So, I'm NOT adding that again... 

What other options do I have besides backwashing and Exploding My 

Water and Electric Bills? 

Thanks for your help! 


InyoRob posted this 06 November 2018

Hello FirstBorn - There could be other factors that are impacting the ability for the chlorine to effective. For example, the CYA level could be too high. Check out our video below. It explains how to clear up a green pool.