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BalesPool posted this 12 July 2018

So we have a Octagon shaped pool 24x24 3foot & 7 foot is depth

Hayward S200 filter and Pentair Superflo 340038 pump

This is my second summer using our pool We bought our house last summer so I am new at this

My Chlorine levels register 0 when using strips and .5 when I use the chem test, however when we take water to the pool store they say everthing is fine. 

I checked the water (chemical. test)  today and these are my readings

Chlorine .5; PH 7.2; Alk 20; Hardness 200; CYA 100

What can I do to fix this. Husband noticed algee 2 days ago so we treated algee and shocked it. 

I don't know what else to do. Bringing a water sample to store tomorrow

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InyoRob posted this 12 July 2018

As long as there is algae in the pool, the chlorine level will be low. Chlorine is used up trying to kill algae. If the algae is gone and the pool is clear, you may have other issues.

Your CYA level is on the high side. It is harder to maintain a chlorine level when it is high. You may want to consider dropping the CYA level to 50ppm. To do that, you'll need to drain half the pool and refill it. Once you do that, you should be able to maintain a chlorine level of 2-4 ppm.


BalesPool posted this 12 July 2018

Thank you for your help

So my hubby brought water to get tested

these are the numbers pool is 16926 gal octagon

FAC-0; TAC-0; CH-120; CYA-90; TA-80; PH-7.3; Copper-0; Iron-0; TDS-900; Pho-2500 

They said 1 chlorine tab in skimmer, sold us a big bucket of Hardness plus and a bottle of Phosphate stuff



BalesPool posted this 12 July 2018

How is 1 chlorine tab in the skimmer going to fix the 0 chlorine reading?

We have a Hayward auto chlorinator

InyoRob posted this 12 July 2018

! chlorine tab won't help. Also, you don't want to put tabs in your skimmer. I would recommend shocking the pool and getting the chlorine up before you worry about the phosphates.

Check out the video below. Your pool may not be as bad as the one used in the video but the rules will apply.

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BalesPool posted this 12 July 2018

The pool isn't green. We saw algee the other day which we treated. I'll let my hubby know to shock it. The pool is actually quite clear now.