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BASEMENTTRAINER posted this 28 July 2017

16x32 oval in ground pool. 

Heater or heat pump

What size?

Is it possible diy?

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Service posted this 29 July 2017

Hi BasementTrainer,

Could you let us know the following...

  • Do you currently have a heater on your pool? If so please give the specs. (i.e. Natural Gas, Propane, Brand, BTU size, etc..)
  • Is this a pool only or Pool/Spa combo?
  • What is your zip code and city?
  • What is the nearest major city?
  • What temperature would you like to maintain? (82 -85 degrees is standard)
  • Do you want to heat the pool year round or just extend the pool season by a few months in the spring and fall?
  • What is the average depth of the pool?
  • Do you have high wind conditions from a lake, ocean or open field with winds over 20 mph consistently?
  • Will the heater receive direct, partial or no sunlight?
  • Will you be using a solar blanket?

Thank You



BASEMENTTRAINER posted this 30 July 2017


Currently no heater. 

Pool only no spa


Nearest city is Boston 

Would like to maintain about 80°

Trying to heat the pool and extend into early autumn 

Pool depth goes from 3 to 8 ft 16x32 oval

Heater will receive moderate sunlight 

Will be using a solar blanket  

Thank you 


Service posted this 31 July 2017

Hi BasementTrainer,

You could go with either a gas pool heater or a pool heat pump. There are Pro's and Con's to both systems. The gas heaters are nice as they heat the pool very fast but they are expensive to operate. The heat pump is nice because it costs much less to operate than a gas heater but heats the pool slower, heat pumps use the outside air to heat the water and once the outside air temperature gets to about 50 degrees then the heat pump is inefficient. If you decide to go with a gas heater then I would suggest a 266,000 BTU Raypak Heater and if you decide to go with a heat pump then I would suggest a 125,000 BTU Hayward Heat Pump

Thank You