Hi,  I replaced the motor bearings in my Hayward Super Pump model SP2607X10 using your videos and it was a breeze.  I only had one comment and one question about the videos.  I could not use a 1/2" schedule 40 piece of pipe to install the motor bearings because the pipe inside diameter was too small and would not fit over the the shaft of the motor.  A schedule 10 1/2 " piece of pipe may have worked but I couldn't find any so I used a piece of 3/4" pipe and modified a large flat washer to fit over the motor shaft so only the inner race of the bearing would be contacted while using the 3/4" piece of pipe to install the bearings.   

My question is does there need to be any grease applied to the rear end bell bearing location or to the rear bearing load spring during reinstallation.  I only ask this because I found grease at that location and also grease on the load spring. 


Again, your videos were great and made this entire repair a breeze.