Hello.  I have replaced my motor (Century B230SE) once before and it went fine (thanks to the videos on INYO).  I tried replacing it again yesterday.  When I pulled the motor away, the diffuser did not not out, so I had to reach in to get it.

I followed the video instructions like before, in particular the one here https://www.inyopools.com/HowToPage/how_to_replace_a_motor_shaft_seal.aspx

which notes that the diffuser should "snap on, no screws".  I found the "top" label, but it would snap on...After assembling everything I tried putting the motor back in without the diffuser snapped on...just inserted.

Got the same result - just making humming noise.  How does the diffuser snap on?  Could a piece have broken off?  Does the diffuser rotate with the impeller?  Many of the parts inside had a white coating on them.  I am hoping that I can just replace the diffuser, but it seemed electrical to me (see below)....Thanks.

-------- background on pump stopping

The timer was about to turn off the pump, but I wanted it on a bit longer.  Evidently, when the timer is just about to kick off or on, you can't move the dial (Intermatic brand).  I forced it and the motor shut off, just making a humming noise.  I figured it was electrical perhaps the capacitor, but went ahead and bought a new motor.