Hayward AQRS340

  • Last Post 05 August 2022
MarkFP posted this 05 August 2022

I have a brand new Hayward AQRS340 Salt chlorinator.  Upon initial startup I am receiving a "communication error" Anyone have any suggestions.  I can do nothing regarding initial set up.

InyoRich posted this 05 August 2022

Hi Mark, Hayward says this means there has been a disruption in the transfer of information from the main PCB to the display(s). Deactivate all the breakers in the bottom of the control box and wait 5-10 seconds, then re-supply power to the control and check the display. If the problem has gone away the issue should have been cleared. If the problem persists, contact Technical Service for assistance 908-355-7995 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm).