Hayward AQR3 gold line AquaRite 15000 gal

  • Last Post 19 April 2022
Arthur44 posted this 19 April 2022

I have replaced my T-3 cell with a back up I have but my display still says my average salt is 2.0, and my low salt and clean cell lights remain on.  A week ago my unit worked perfectly.  I tried to recalibrate the average salt on the system but nothing changed. My ACTUAL salt level is 3600.  As for the cell inspection, resetting of that did not also work

What's your advice?

My conclusion is main board.... if so, can you advise part number, availability and cost ?


InyoRich posted this 19 April 2022

It could be the mainboard, but it could be a few other things as well.  What is the brand of the replacement cell and what version of the software is your unit running?  Off-brand cells can cause issues if the version of the software is 1.50 or earlier (see the chart on page 23 of the Troubleshooting Guide for compatibility). 

Be sure that the cell you installed is the same as what the controller is set for (see page 4 of the guide for that if you need to change it).  See page 3 of the guide to check your voltage and amperage - are they within the specifications?