Hayward Dual Speed Max Flo wiring question

  • Last Post 18 May 2019
Gilligan posted this 10 May 2019

This is a "4-wire", meaning there are a total of 5 when you include the ground. Unfortunately, the contractor that installed it originally used one color of wire for all wires 4 wires (ground is different, at least) so I lost track of which wire went where and fried my TBS 213 pneumatic switch on my first attempt.  I'm about to order a new pneumatic switch (probably TBS 3213) but I need to know if there is any reason this needs to be a double pole and throw switch.  It seems from the wiring diagram for the motor that a single pole double throw would work just fine since we control ON/OFF with the T-103 timer and the pneumatic only controls Hi/Lo.  It looks like the installer must have ran both wires to the common terminal on the motor instead of jumping them on the switch as indicated in the diagram.  Advice?


Gilligan posted this 18 May 2019

Sorry.  Forgot to include the wiring diagram.