Groaning Noise

  • Last Post 27 August 2020
Cantallops311 posted this 26 July 2020


The motor of the pump of my pool has a groaning noise, this is salted water pool, the housing of motor is getting rusty underneath by floor mounting, I need to know if this only a bearing or I mght to replace the whole motor, this motor is 3 years old, it is out of guarantee, I'm afraid of electrical short circuit and cause for damages including a propeller 

Thank you so much for your promptly respond

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Harold Cantallops

Inyohector posted this 27 August 2020

Harold, this is most likely due to the bearings becoming rusted but is also possible that it is the impeller, The best way to confirm is by taking the pump apart to inspect those parts and also test the motor while the impeller has been removed. If the motor is severely rusted I would just recommend replacing the entire motor.