I have had this pool for several years and have not had much luck with it. We don't really have a pool store to rely on. I am using a Power ionizer for salt.  The pool size is 30X30 so I guess 30,000 gallons.

For starters I think I put in 4 40 lbs of salt to begin and have not added much of anything else. I know that is problem the issue. 


My question is do you know how much salt per 40lbs I should be adding? I will try to add a pic of the strip I have.

I know my PH is hi along with alkalinity is also hi. Will also try to and a pic.

I finally know how to kill and vacuum the alge out but would like to add the proper items.


Oh one more question. If I am using salt should I be adding other items?. I was under the impression that the copper in the salt device (whitch is new) would take care of not having to add other items.


I hope this is not to confussing but again I am new at this.