Go-kit 32-12 o-ring questions

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garbajex posted this 23 April 2020


I am replacing my pool motor, impeller, and seal + o-rings.  I have a Pentair Whisperflo wf-4.  I ordered the Go-kit 32-12 from Inyo, and an aftermarket impeller from Amazon.  This is my first time repairing these components, so please bear with me.

A few questions:


  1. The Go-kit 32-12 seems to come with more o-rings than needed for a single project, is this correct?  I’m using 1 seal plate o-ring, 1 lid o-ring, 1 diffuser o-ring, and possibly the impeller o-ring (see question 2).  This leaves me with unused o-rings.  Is this correct?
  2. Regarding the impeller o-ring.  The old impeller had a fatter, squared off o-ring/gasket that fits snugly into the recess at the screw hole (see photos).  The impeller o-ring that came with the go-kit is much thinner and does not fill out that recessed area.  The largest step/recessed area on the new impeller is the same as the old one, but also has an additional “step” in that recessed area, down to the brass threads (see photos).  The old o-ring fits the new impeller recess, but there is still that extra small "step" recess below that before the threading. Do I use the thinner o-ring that came with the go-kit, or do I need to use the old one/replace it with a fresh matching one that didn't come with the go-kit, or what?  The smaller one is slightly too large of a diameter to fit in that small additional step.
  3. What is this o-ring for (see photo)? It doesn’t seem to belong anywhere on my setup.
  4. The diffuser o-ring from the go-kit seems to fit pretty loosely on my diffuser, is this ok (see photo)? BTW, I didn’t even see a diffuser o-ring when I disassembled the pump.  I'll double check that it wasn't left inside the pump before re-assembling.

Thank you!

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InyoRob posted this 23 April 2020

1. Yes, there are extra seals included because Pentair has made changes throughout the years and the kit is made to cover all versions.

2. You can use either one. That impeller screw and o-ring are not essential. http://www.inyopools.com/Blog/do-i-need-an-impeller-lock-screw/

3. That appears to be the old style lid o-ring. Pre 11/1996

4. That is normal. Put a little lubricant on the o-ring before sliding the assembly back into the pump housing.

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garbajex posted this 23 April 2020

Thank you!

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