Filter drain plug; need hack to divert water

  • Last Post 25 November 2020
BTHouston posted this 25 November 2020

When it's time to clean our Jandy cartridge filter, we remove the drain plug and the contents of the filter comes glugging out the drain hole and causes a big watery mess around the equipmnt. Has anyone found a way to direct the water to a more desirable location? 

InyoRob posted this 25 November 2020

Hose bibs can thread directly into drain holes on some filters. A lot of the Jandy filters have larger drain holes. I would recommend taking your Jandy plug to a hardware store and see if you can find a reducer bushing like the one pictured below. The threads must match your current drain plug.

You would then be able to thread a hose bib into the reducer bushing. That way you could connect a garden hose and drain it out somewhere else.

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