Experience sharing the use of Hayward H350FDN

  • Last Post 21 October 2022
RonaldBrock posted this 20 October 2022

I have a Hayward H350FDN machine, it worked fine for about 3 years. Now it won't catch fire and there's no error code. During start-up, when the gas valve is normally actuated to open, the fan motor seems to flicker and run slowly. I have tried everything to fix it. I also asked many on whatsapp groups and communities about Hayward H350FDN but still didn't find a way. Currently, there are a few video tutorials online but I don't know if it's correct. Hope to receive everyone's guidance .

InyoRich posted this 21 October 2022

Hi Ronald, I would check the power being supplied to the transformer and the transformer power output.  The transformer converts the field supply voltage (either 240 VAC or 120 VAC) to a 120 VAC output for the blower and igniter power, and a 24 VAC output for powering the ignition control board, control circuits, and gas valve.  It sounds like it may not be getting the voltage that it needs to operate.