Entire bottom rails replacement

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Saraeric posted this 21 May 2019

We just bought a used pool. The entire bottom rim was rusted and crumbled. This is a 24 foot San Carlos pool 1997 #69 on your list...I believe, I identified it from your list. I have a few pics before we tore down. 

We need to replace the entire bottom rails and need pointed in the direction of the correct parts or something we can use!  Also any parts for it at all just so we know. 


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InyoRob posted this 21 May 2019

We'd be glad to assist you. What is the total number of uprights on your 24' San Carlos pool?

Feel free to post any pictures of the pool. Pictures of the top cap, outside pool wall, bottom plate, and bottom rail (end view) will help.

Saraeric posted this 06 June 2019

There are 18 posts. I have one pic of the pool while we were taking down and one from the sale post. 

InyoRob posted this 07 June 2019

The replacement bottom rim is part number 10294.

Wilbar Bottom Rail ALUM 48-1/4"  (Single) 24' Round - 10294

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Saraeric posted this 12 July 2019

I've just ordered 6 rails. 

Can I have the part # for the bottom bracket? I need to replace. Few and also one  of the uprights. 

Thank you. 

InyoRob posted this 16 July 2019

The bottom plate was part number 10139. Unfortunately, the plate is no longer available. The upright is also no longer available.

Wilbar Base Plate 6" Alum. (Single)  NLA - 10139

Saraeric posted this 16 July 2019



InyoRob posted this 16 July 2019

You can take the existing bottom plate and upright to a metal shop and have them fabricate replacements.