My 6 year old Nautilus Plus has been going downhill this season. It stopped working early in the season and I found one of the spring pins in the 'non-kink' white connector on the cable was jammed and not making contact with the plate. Fixed that, cleaned connections, used Magic Lube on the gasket and sealed it tight. Ran beautifully all summer. 
Last week, it stopped again. Opened the white connector housing again and it looks like it leaked. Plate side connective metal was all corroded and eaten away. Ordered new cable. Tested cable last night and the robot won't work still. I have continuity thru new cable. I tested power at the screw-on connector on the power unit and get 28 volts at the plug, screwed in the cable, and get the same at the motor end of the new cable. When plugged into the robot, the lights come on in the power unit,  flash as normal, the impeller spins for a split second, stops and all the lights in the power unti go out, like it was turned off. 

Are my robot's guts now dead? How could that happen from a bad coupler connection?

Thank you for any insight you can lend.