Dolphin Advantage Pool Cleaner Replacement Motor

  • Last Post 26 August 2021
Thomahawk posted this 26 August 2021

I have an older Dolphin which is great but the motor is almost "frozen" and only operates periodically until the motor is manually moved slightly and then it works again for a short time.  I see that you do not have a replacement in stock.  My current motor is a 6H Advantage from March 1, 2005 and has aquited itself for lasting so long.  The only replacement that I can find is on line but it is a model 6HR.  Is it a compatable replacement.  The unit I have is powered from the electronics contained within the wheeled carrier not from a separate power pack.

Mike Thompson

InyoRob posted this 26 August 2021

Unfortunately, Maytronics no longer considers the motor to be a DIY part and won't sell it to us. You'll have to contact Maytronics and go directly through them for a motor.