does this even exist?

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anotheridhelper posted this 08 October 2021

I am 'pie in the sky dreaming' i suppose- has anyone ever invented for an about ground pool:

a power interupter? my power bill is outrageous, as the pool pump(?) is running 24/7. is there something that we can switch off when the solar cover goes on? no one is in the pool then so the pump is not in use during the time there is no one in the pool?

has anyone invented an something like this for an above ground pool? this is for a dog's water-but you get the idea:

thanks so much- and  if they don't exist, please invent them over the winter, and I will be a test case!!

carol white


InyoRob posted this 11 October 2021

The pump does not need to run 24/7. There are timers available for above ground pool pumps. Something like the Intermatic P1121 timer could be used to limit the pump to a few hours per day.

Intermatic Above Ground Pool Timer 3 Prong Receptacle - P1121