I live in coastal, central Florida and have a 6,000 gallon (approximately) salt water pool. I have A Pentair Variable speed pump and a Pentair IC-15 salt generator.

I have the pump set to run for 12 hours and for 10 of those hours it is running at 1400 RPM's to save on electricity. The pool is always clean but I have to set my salt generator to 80-100% to keep chlorine levels in the 2-4 range. And even then, when it gets hot, there is not enough chlorine in the pool.

I know there are a lot of variables but one I have never seen discussed is the flow rate through the salt generator. Does the flow rate dictate how much/little chlorine the salt generator is making? Meaning, if I increase the rpm's, this increasing the flow rate, will the salt generator create more chlorine? 

Thank you in advance for the answer.