DIY Re-plumbing of Pump-Filter Connection

  • Last Post 24 May 2020
senecalakemonster posted this 24 May 2020


I am looking for guidance on re-plumbing the piping between my pool pump and pool filter. The primary reason I am doing this is because the piping currently coming out of the pump is leaking pretty badly, and I cannot unscrew it to add Teflon tape because of the way that it was assembled the last time the pump was serviced (not by me, by a local company that I do not care for any more due to poor service). 

I actually do not know how someone could have assembled the piping coming out of the pump. The distance to the elbow is so small that it cannot be unscrewed without striking the opening to the filter basket. Also, because there are two threaded pipe members, tightening one to reduce its leaking forces me to loosen the other, meaning either one or both is leaking, and I cannot tighten them both. I do not know how someone could have assembled the piping coming out of the pump.

Anyway, the system consists of a Hayward Max-Flo II pump (M/N C48D32A04), 3/4 HP, and a Hayward D.E. Filter (M/N EC40AC). I have attached a number of photographs showing the piping.

How much of the piping between the pump and the filter should I replace? I assume that at a minimum I need to replace the piping coming out of the pump to the first elbow the horizontal section, and the second elbow. I assume that I could leave the vertical section before the third and final elbow, I would just need to connect the new section of vertical pipe coming from the second elbow to the existing vertical pipe attached to the third elbow.

Is that right, and what materials do I need? From what I have read online, the use of unions where pipes meet is preferable in many cases. I assume that I would still need to use PVC pipe cement at certain locations. I also assume that I will need some Teflon tape, a hacksaw, and a file. My thought would be to use a union to screw onto the pump, a vertical section of pipe to the first elbow, a horizontal section with a union as today, so that the pump and filter can be separated, then into a second elbow and then back down. The horizontal section *could* be 1 to 2 inches higher than it is today so that it would clear the top of the pump basket, but is that not needed because it would be a union where it meets the pump? In other words, could the union be unscrewed at the pump without the elbow above it pivoting? The inside diameter of the plumbing in this area is 1 1/2 inches. I actually do not know exactly what size union would be required for the pump for his exterior threading. It also appears to have interior threading, I just don't know what size parts are needed for that.

I appreciate whatever help and insights anyone can offer on my approach, my reasoning, and materials required. I have read that standard PVC is appropriate for pool plumbing. Normally I would rely on our local pool store that I like working with, but they must be closed or backlogged so badly that they have not responded to my calls or emails in over a week. My pool is in danger of turning green very soon.

Thank you.



senecalakemonster posted this 24 May 2020

My apologies, I don't know why the photos that I attached are all rotated 90° to the left.