DE in shallow end

  • Last Post 14 June 2019
Tghika posted this 13 June 2019

help! I already changed the spider gasket on the MPV, 4 grids that had tears or holes and new manafold but after a while there is still white powder in shallow end.... I’m lost! 



InyoRob posted this 14 June 2019

1) If your manifold has a breather tube, make sure that is still secured. A tube that is not connected or loose will allow DE to pass through.

2) Make sure you are adding the correct amount of DE. Some DE can bypass the filter if too much is added.

3) Check the 4 grids that were not replaced. The tiniest of tears can allow DE to pass through. Also, make sure none of the plastic on the inside of the grids is cracked.

4) The grids need to be properly seated into the manifold. A small gap can allow DE to pass.

5) Check the standpipe o-ring. The standpipe is the pipe that the manifold slips onto. There is a small o-ring at the top that can tear or break.

6) If you have a multiport valve, run the system on rinse for a minute or so after you backwash. This will clear the DE from the line so it doesn't blow back into the pool.