I've been SLAM'ing my pool (above-ground, fresh water) using calcium hypochlorite. Most of the organic material is gone as the FC level is starting to stabilize (haven't run an OCLT yet, not quite to that point yet), but I'm not seeing the water reduce in cloudiness. I live in a region of high water hardness (15 ppm city water tap), and measured the CH at 350-375 ppm. I'm assuming the cloudiness is the result of excessive water hardness. I've read the only way to lower water hardness is to remove pool water, and refill with fresh water (expensive). I'd prefer to not have to do this several times - is there a product more suitable for use in high water hardness areas (other than calcium hypochlorite) that won't contribute to an increased water hardness during the SLAM process (i.e. Sodium Hypochlorite liquid form)?