Chlorine Lock?

  • Last Post 23 November 2020
Bernie911 posted this 06 July 2020

 HI Guys,

I'm having problems keeping chlorine in my pool since opening it last month. I was thinking I might have chlorine lock, but my local pool store said no, but didnt have any good advice other than keep adding liquid shock. I was hoping you might help?

I have an inground 25K gal pool with auto cover (sun only hits the water when were in it or cleaning it.)  this mornings readings are: Free chlorine .44, Total chlorine 1.10, PH 7.4, Alk. 182, CH 229, cyan acid/stabilizer 74.

July 3rd I drained 6 inches off the pool and added fresh well water - this didnt mess up any chem. balances I added 3 gal. sanygen liquid shock due to low chlorine level (.28 & .73).  By the 4th chlorine was readiing 5.51 for both free/total. Yesterday/next day chlorine was at  .35 free & .59 total.  Last night I put fresh chlorine tablets into my chlorinator and added my last gallon or liquid shock.  This morning I'm at .44 free, 1.10 total, 7.4 PH, 182 Alk., 229CH, and 74 stab.

The pool is crystal clear, I just cant keep chlorine in it.  Suggestions?

FYI I'm using brand new ColorQ tester kit, also Test strips show everything in "OK" range but showing no chlorine as well.

Swedberg posted this 23 November 2020

How can I break chlorine lock fast in my pool? I've ColorQ Pro 9 and 11 test kits. Perhaps I should also try the Taylor test kit. Is the latter more complex than the LaMotte test kit?

The pH should be in the range of 7.2 - 7.8 and alkalinity should be 80-100 ppm