• Last Post 10 April 2020
Hunkahunka01 posted this 09 April 2020

I have a new pool guy who seems very sharp and is a good worker. But he told me something that may be BS. He said that I have the wrong type of Chlorine granular. He said that Di-Chlor is for above ground pools not in-ground pools. Therefore that's why he can never get the stabilizer to make the pool chlorine stable, because of the other ingredients of the Di-Chlor. I thought that chlorine is chlorine no matter if you pour it out of a jug! What say you?

InyoRob posted this 10 April 2020

You can use Di-Chlor in inground pools. However, he is correct about the issue with the stabilizer. Di-chlor is a stabilized chlorine that includes cyanuric acid. If you use Di-Chlor all the time, the stabilizer level will rise and the chlorine will become less effective. I'd recommend the liquid shock or the cal-hypo.