• Last Post 12 December 2018
ericb19 posted this 11 December 2018

Most of the year here in San Fernando Valley, CA  I am struggling to keep PH down and chlorine levels up. The pool is surrounded by grass trees etc.  I run a Hayward pool vac and keep the pool pretty clean - once I got rid of the useless pool service.  During the warm months, I use liquid chlorine and shock and muriatic acid to keep PH down. I stopped using liquid chlorine in October and switched to the tabs.   As of three weeks ago, total chlorine measured 10  and free chlorine 10-20  and PH  7.  I stopped all chemicals  over three weeks ago. The chlorine levels are not moving down.  Should I use the acid now or wait for chlorine to lower? Now in December, the pool is receiving only a few hours of sun. Everywhere I read on the net is to just wait it out and the levels will go down.  Any thoughts?

Is there a downside to using a chlorine neutralizer?

Best Eric

InyoRob posted this 12 December 2018

Hello Eric - You may have a problem with your cyanuric acid level. Have you had your water professionally tested? What is your CYA level?