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PeggyB posted this 19 June 2021

This summer I wanted to switch to using a non-chlorine shock which  purchased from Dohenys.  It is a potassium mono-sulfate product and seemed to work fine.  Then I was told I also needed to add a sanitizer.  I purchased Aqua Silk sanitizer(a Poly-hexamethylenebiquanide) hydrochloride  The bottle only said incompatible with chlorine. Since I hadn't used any I figured it was OK.  However 15 minutes after adding 1.5 gallons of the sanitizer to my 30,000 in-ground vinyl pool, the water turned green and a film settled on top.  I ran the DE filter for two days and cleaned it twice in the process.  Yesterday the water was clear but there was still some sort of clear film on top. Same for today. I can't find anyone to tell me how to just shift back to just using chlorine.  At least it was easy.  What do I do next to get my pool back to where the water is safe to be in?

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JCMC70 posted this 28 June 2021

Hi Peggy,

Have you solve your issue?

 I can't find a lot of info on Aqua Silk. A lot of folks sell it but there isn't a lot of information about it. Not even on the Aqua Silk site.

The best I can tell, Aqua Silk is like Baquacil. The part I couldn't understand was film on top of the water. There is a product on the market that adds a liquid barrier on top of the water that acts like a solar cover to prevent water evaporation and heat loss. So I was wondering if it could be something like that but, like I said, I couldn't find much information on Aqua Silk.

As for reverting back to chlorine, I would think it would be the same process as reverting from Baquacil back to chlorine.

But to cover all bases, I would call Doheny's customer service and ask them. Or Aqua Silk does list a customer service number: 1-800-455-4311


PeggyB posted this 29 June 2021

Thank you for your response.  Aqua Silk contains biguanide which apparetly is not compatible with any pool products.  It has been two weeks now, we've drained the pool down as far as we could twice and put in fresh water and the biguanide level has dropped considerably.  I used a natural enzyme product to address the film and it helped almost immediately.  Today I added just three bags of the non-chlorine oxygenator and, thankfully, had very little reaction so I know that means the biguanide level is getting lower.  I saw only a slight green tinge but nothing like before.  I'll keep testing the biguanide and when it is zero or one I will very gradually reintroduce a small amount of chlorine and, if that goes well, I will add more when the first tablet dissolves.  I will give this process a few more days and if I still can't get things back in balance I will call a pool technician.

I did contact the Aqua Silk people and they were of no help as far as correcting the problem.  They just said stop using one or the other product.

JCMC70 posted this 30 June 2021

It's beyond belief that a company would produce a product that can cause so much harm, not to mention expense to get rid of and not offer any more directions for use other than it isn't compatible with chlorine. Like I said, I could find lots of retail outlets selling it but no information on the product.

Their customer service response to you tells us exactly what kind of company they are.

Let us know how things work out.