Century V-Green 165

  • Last Post 04 August 2018
Gregor posted this 04 August 2018

Last year I purchased the above motor...order number 745874..PO. 726126 .  It has been working great, however today, I shut it down to clean the filter using the stop  button, I have done this many times for various service issues.  This time however when I hit the start button nothing happen.  All lights are normal, green power avail is on and Im able to toogle thru the steps, however I cant adjust the duration or speed buttons using the +  /  - buttons and of course when I hit the start button nothings happens.  Things I have done, cycled the power, cleared all setting to restore factory defaults, was able to go thru the lock out sequence and unlock as well.  It appears the only buttons that dont work are the +  /  -   and start button.  Any help would be appreicated, it wont be long here in Southwest Florida before my water turns green....Thanks, Greg

InyoLennox posted this 04 August 2018

Hi, Gregor. Unfortunately, there is no way to troubleshoot the motor if the buttons are not responding. The motor is still under warranty so we can get it replaced. I sent you an email with the warranty claim procedure.