Century STS1152R low speed not working

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MarcBare posted this 26 April 2022

Century STS1152R was purchased 4/19/2022 to replace Hayward pump SP2610X152S with Century SP1610Z2MSC per INYOPools recommendation.  With new pump installed, only the high speed is working.  Low speed does nothing.

Original motor replaced because it stopped working with an oily substance coming from the top cover.  Did not troubleshoot as it worked fine for years and was due to be replaced.

Being controlled by Intermatic PE135 controller using "mode #2" with circuit #1 being high speed and circuit #2 being low speed.  Works on high speed, but when turning on circuit #2 there is an audible click from the Intermatic controller but no pump activity.  Same occurs no matter whether trying to start pump on low speed, or switching from high to low speed.

L1 wired to terminal #4.  L2 wired to terminal #1, A wired to terminal #6.  Copper ground connected to group in controller panel.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot or do I need to return?

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InyoRich posted this 27 April 2022

The wiring for a pool pump motor can be a little daunting - and sometimes the electrician who originally wired the system may not have used the correct colored wires.  We recommend tracing the wires back to the panel to be sure they are the correct colors and to verify that they are what they should be.

Check out our guide on My Pool Pump Runs On Low Speed But Not On High Speed and verify the motor wiring is correct from the label on your motor and the illustrated guide on the previously linked guide. 

Let us know if this solves it and if everything turns out okay (and be safe - be sure to turn the power off before poking around in the electrical box).

ClaytonRussell posted this 02 September 2022

Ok, thanks, I will do it as you said.

Antrobus posted this 06 September 2022

Nice Thanks for sharing, Martin

davidson02 posted this 09 September 2022

I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!