Can you tell me what year Vogue pool and model. Need new liner. It’s 21’ round

  • Last Post 16 May 2019
Voguepool posted this 07 May 2019

I know it’s a Vogue pool and is approximately 14 years old. Need model and what type of loner. It’s 21’ round and I believe 60”



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InyoRob posted this 07 May 2019

Thank you for contacting Inyo. Could you pull back the winter cover and post a picture of the top cap? This will help us ID the pool.

What is the height of your pool wall? 48", 52", or 54"?

Voguepool posted this 07 May 2019

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Unfortunately these are the only two pics I have. Long story short, is this pool is being given to me and so I have no other information other than 21' round Vogue pool 52" deep about 12-14 yrs old. I confirmed 52" not 5'.


I will try to get a picture with winter cover.



InyoRob posted this 08 May 2019

If the pool has been taken down, you can post some pictures of the top cap, top rail, and top plate. That would give us an idea of the model.

Voguepool posted this 15 May 2019

Ok here are some updated photos...I hope someone can tell me approximate year and model. I believe about 15 yrs old but not sure.

Not sure if you’ll be able to give me bottom plate model number until I take down but thinking I may need that part?

Thanks in advance,


InyoRob posted this 16 May 2019

It appears that you have a Vogue Zenith model. Do you need to replace any parts?

That pool could have used an overlap, beaded, or j-hook style liner. Click on the following link to for 21' x 52" liners. You'll need to select the liner type in order to view the patterns.