Can not get a free chlorine reading

  • Last Post 09 July 2020
Angiem0405 posted this 07 July 2020

Please helppp I'm going crazy ! I have a salt water generator. I can not get a chlorine reading for weeks now ! I've tried everything possible . Little background - my polls 16500 gallons . I had phosphates took care of them not the level is down to 200 . Salt is 3350 . Stabilizer was 20 i since added more so up to 35 . PH 7.8. I superchlorinated it last last and it still shows no free chlorine !!! I've shocked it a few times in the past couple weeks and nothing . I have algae growing too ! 

DSJ25H2O posted this 09 July 2020

I am having the same problem. There is no chlorine reading and the water is cloudy. Everyting else seems ok, I have been super chlorinating it for over 24 hours with no change.


Please help us