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Burton6 posted this 19 April 2021

Please confirm this for me because after a number of conversations with the folks at Heyward I finally got someone on the phone that admitted the generator is not accurate and the number after proper calibration is usually 400 to 500 points higher then real number.  I just moved to Fla with my wife. Prior to that we had a pool on Long Island with the Heyward generator and it was always 400 points higher then the Taylor chemical test kit.

Same thing here in Florida. And I always have fresh reagents. Is this in fact true from your work with this product?

I have tested this more then one way and it's never accurate. So if the screen says lets say 3700 the reagents say 3200.


Thank you


Burt Diamond  

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InyoRob posted this 20 April 2021

Hello Burt - Yes, it is common for the Aquarite to not be very accurate. I personally have a Hayward OmniLogic with Aquarite cell. My reading is usually within 200-300 ppm, but I rely on my Taylor kit or the salt test strips to make adjustments.

Burton6 posted this 20 April 2021

Yes it's unfortunate for people who do not know this it can drive someone nuts. It's sad you spend that money and still have to confirm correct reading with a test kit. That is not good. The only reason I didn't have a different product installed here in Fla when we moved here 10 months ago because it's "the devil you know vs the devil you don't" if you know what I mean. My reading is worse it's usually 400 points off. The other issue are the Taylor reagents. They get bad quick and you have to reorder too soon.


InyoRob posted this 20 April 2021

That can happen with the reagents. I recommend keeping them inside the house and out of the elements.