Aqualink RS PDA keys don't work well

  • Last Post 25 April 2017
brdog42 posted this 19 April 2017


The Problem: the Jandy PDA barely works. A buttons don't always respond when pushed, register two presses when keyed once, most be keyed several times to respond, etc. Basically, the PDA is sketchy. So trying the set a new program is impossible. Just turning the pool light is a  5 minute battle with the PDA.

The rest of the equipment and the main Aqualink RS control panel seem to work fine.

What is your suggestion for new equipment? I don't want to order a new PDA if 1: the PDA isn't the problem. 2: the next PDA will go bad. 3: for the same amount of money I could get an iPhone controlled system?

The Aqualink RS is about 10 years old.

Service posted this 25 April 2017

Hi Brdog42,

I would suggest replacing the Jandy Handheld Controller. If you only operate your pool through the handheld remote then you would need the Jandy AquaPalm Replacement Controller if you operate your equipment through and indoor controller and a handheld controller then you would need the Jandy PDA Controller. If you wanted to upgrade to iPhone control then you would need the iAqualink Upgrade Kit which is $749 this kit comes with an upgraded PCB board for your Aqualink and a reciever, you would then control your equipment through your phone. I hope this helps.




Thank You