Anything but Hayward or Pentair Lights

  • Last Post 06 November 2020
Derek321 posted this 05 November 2020

2018 I bought a house with an inground pool, it had the hayward colorlogic light. The light was very dim and would stay stuck in 1 color mode. So I contacted another company to come install a new pool light. $800 later they bring a brand new colorlogic and hook it up. What they didn't pay attention to was that my pool was wired for 120v, and they brought a 12v version. Of course as soon as they turned it on "poof". Well I kept my $800 and they left with their heads held low. 

I saw how they cut the wire of my old light to pull the new wire using it, was too easy. So easy infact I will be installing the next light myself.

Since I have the old light still sitting there for looks, I took the opportunity to inspect it and I simply just do not see what is worth nearly $800 in these lights. Police and Firetruck lightbars that do far more can cost that much. I am an engineer by trade and while I don't make pool lights, it seems that Pentair and Hayward have cornered thet market. 

I am told there are alternatives that are far less expensive for shallow water niche lights. Is it the J&J ColorSplash I am seeing on this site? Anyone abandonded these Pentair or Hayward led lights and found something better? 

InyoRob posted this 06 November 2020

Yes, the ColorSplash light would be a good option to replace your 12V ColorLogic. How many feet of cord would you need? It needs to run all the way back to the junction box.