Air Bubbles after priming

  • Last Post 27 July 2022
mgspeed posted this 25 July 2022

I have a 2 year old Jandy VF pump that was professionally installed along with all of the valves.

My pump primes but then the water level in the pump basket drops and I get bubbles from one of the jets. Pressure sits right at 10 psi according to the gauge on the cartridge filter housing. 

So far I have lubed the oring on the basket as well as disassembled the valves and relubed those orings as well.

I made a solution of soapy water and put on the various joints trying to find the leak with no luck. The skimmer basket is full. 

If I switch the intake valve to the outlet for the pool vacuum, suction pressure is very low. I have a plug in robotic cleaner so I'm not sure if it's sufficient to actually vacuum.

Any suggestions on next steps to figure out what is wrong?

InyoRich posted this 27 July 2022

It sounds like there is a suction side leak if the air is entering the strainer basket after it is primed.  I have found leaks like this by using cheap foamy shaving cream and smearing it across any joints or sealed surfaces.  Smear it on evenly and turn the system on.  Leaks will show up by the shaving cream creating a dimple where the leak is.

Our article on How to Test for Suction Side Air Leaks has a few more tips for you.  Let us know if you find it!