above ground pool installation instructions

  • Last Post 06 July 2021
perryp posted this 29 June 2021

Hello,  i have a Heritage 15 x 26 oval pool that was given to us.  We are having problems getting the liner to fit again. do you have or know of a pool installation guide for this pool? We have had three failed attempts and are not sure whats causing the issue. The first attempt we started to fill pool and after a foot of water the pool collapsed inward so we drained the pool and statred over. We can't seem to get the liner to fit against the pool wall. 

Service posted this 06 July 2021

Hi perryp,

I would watch this video we put together on How to Install an Above Ground Pool which should help out. This video was done by an installer friend of ours who has been installing above-ground pools for 25 Years.

Thank You