Above ground creaking

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Shan76 posted this 20 June 2019


  1. We just purchased a new steel walled sharkline Summerfield above ground pool and had it installed. My son was the first one in and he is only 9 and i noticed the pool creaking in spots where the braces are. Installer said that’s normal in a new pool and will stop. I don’t see anyone else having this problem. Thoughts? Is this true or should I be worried?

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InyoRob posted this 21 June 2019

We contacted our Wilbar representative. Below was the response.

We are going to need more information.  Of course, our first suggestion would be to ensure all the bolts on the buttress assembly are tight as well as the top rails and caps.  If they are jumping in the pool and causing the wall to move excessively while playing it could be the sound of a top cap moving and rubbing against the upright and/or top rail, they will need to isolate where the sound is coming from.

Shan76 posted this 24 June 2019

It does seem like the top cap rubbing the top rail. But it happens without much motion in pool. I attached a video link to show. Is there away to fix it?


InyoRob posted this 25 June 2019

I've sent your video over to Wilbar to see if their tech support has additional advice. I should have an answer soon.

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MMNHpool posted this 20 May 2021

Hello! We have a Sharkline, new install this season, and a similar issue. What was the resolution to this concern?

MMNHpool posted this 19 June 2021

Whatever came of your creaking issue? We have a similar concern.

Shan76 posted this 19 June 2021

Hello, it's definitely the cap rubbing. the pool place we bought the pool at assured us it was normal "break in" It gave me anxiety listening to it so the first year I put sticky pieces of Velcro under the caps to prevent the noise. Last year it was definitely less noise but still would happen, Velcro wore off. This year I've only heard it once and very faint. Oddly enough it was when my daughter was just floating in the pool and didn't happen when the boys were rough housing. So I guess my answer is it gets better but is super annoying on a brand new pool purchase. 

MMNHpool posted this 21 June 2021

Our noise has seemed to multiple to many spots. From one up to six. It is definitely unnerving.

how did you place the Velcro? Did you have to remove the cap?


thank you for your time responding and sharing the update.

Shan76 posted this 21 June 2021

Nope I didn't remove the cap. I just had a kid bounce in the pool and then wiggle a piece under there until it stopped. I only used Velcro because it was something sticky we had on hand to use as a barrier. I am sure you could use something else. We had at least 4 posts that I stuck Velcro on. It didn't stop completely but made it less frequent. 

MMNHpool posted this 26 June 2021

How did you wedge them in? From out side the pool or from inside the pool. Could you share or send me a pm with a photo?


greatly appreciate your time and help.