9.5 Inch Pool Light cutout

  • Last Post 24 August 2020
JohnMac posted this 23 August 2020

Our 53 year old pool has a 9.5 inch wall cuttout that the old light has corroded away. It says "Amerilite" on the inside of the ring of the old light can. I saw a post a year or two back where someone else had a 9.5 inch opening and you indicated that the Hayward Universal Colorlogic would fit. All I see on the site for Hayward now though are spa lights

I would like to go with color LED.



Inyohector posted this 24 August 2020

John, we are very limited as to what Hayward LED pool lights we can now carry so since you already were able to find the model being the Pentair Amerlite, we do have the Pentair Intellibrite series that will work. You will just need to confirm the voltage and the cord length that you will need. Please click here to view the Intellibrite series options that we carry. Also, be sure that you actually have a light niche in the wall.