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1fstmvr posted this 16 July 2019

What causes the pH to rise in a saltwater pool?

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InyoRob posted this 19 July 2019

The chlorine that the salt system produces is high in pH. 

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islandantoinette posted this 16 August 2019

Whow no wonder people must want this product!!! To have the guess work taken out of it all for you AND to have what ever chemical you need just added in. It is probably for the super rich!  I am not - we truly still wonder IF WE CAN EVEN KEEP OUR POOL GOING. But we are trying and I just love reading and learning about everyting "POOL" at inyopool.  I could not even figure out the "test kits!.  We are watching the videos to put in the new motor we bought from you. And we are brushing the walls like crazy doing the Tri Chlor and Orenda PR 10,000. Plus I did a great job cleaning a 3 month old cartridge filter. Still have to put on the new "O" ring I got for it. We are TRYING.   AND trying not to go broke having this beautiful pool! Three pumps! And now no heater :-(  it was broken when we bought the house and were lied to! Even in Florida it is too cold for me to get in to. I am severly handicapped and this was supposed to be my dream for health. Now we kid ourselves by looking for the book on "Swimming Pools For Poor People". But so far we do keep trying.  Our chemistry is OFF because the 2nd pump has not been working. The only pool company that will even come out and "DO" anything said it was not necessary that it worked.   WRONG not having full circulation without it!!! Plus we can not afford $9 a day to run it for enough hours to circulate it enough. So black algae starting to grow.

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